Powerful Marketing Strategies

It takes more than an ad or two to find the right renter for any property. At Am Pm Properties, we use the latest and proven marketing strategies in connecting with a vast base of potential renters. Our listings are available on almost 30 publications and local sites and this helps us get the attention of all tenants across Calgary. Our team will also take care of the showing of your rental property.

Professional Book Keeping

There is no harder task than keeping a clear track of your rental property’s financial records. This in fact qualifies into a full-time job as you have to chase stray receipts, take note of incoming rent checks as well as handle sophisticated tax paperwork. You can leave all these to our team of experienced accountants. They will do the work for you while you direct your efforts on reaping the rewards of hiring a professional property manager.

Hands-On Maintenance and Assessments

Keeping your property in shape can be quite a demanding task – the broken appliances, repair bills, diminishing returns, outstanding payments, and many other aspects. Don’t feel pressured with all this as there is a way out at Am Pm Properties. Our team of professionals will take care of the dirty work for you.

Our inspections are scheduled for all-year round as our team checks for any red flags and handles them before they get any worse. Our response to repair requests is prompt and our efforts are aimed at keeping your property at its best.

Hassle-Free Contracts

It is not always the easiest of choices to pick the best property manager from the hundreds that exist. It is for this reason that we ensure our prices and services are in line with the requirements and needs of our clients. You don’t need to go through a detailed contract in order to get to sign with our team. In addition, you won’t be liable to any fees or penalties in case of termination of our contractual agreement.

At Am Pm Properties, we believe it is the duty of the client to determine whether our services meet their expectations. If for some reason they don’t, a notice of 30 days is enough for us to terminate the contract without asking any questions.