We Manage Home Owners and Investors Properties At Am Pm Properties, we take care of all management issues of your rental properties. What we offer you is a hassle-free alternative to managing your rental property by yourself.

At Am Pm Properties, we will ensure that:

  • Your net operating income is maximized
  • You buy more investments – let us manage your property in the best way so that you can make more money for more investments
  • You get the transparency you need thanks to our online Owner portal that allows 24/7 access to financial statements, work orders, invoices and all important documents of your property.
  • You get the best Net Operating Income for your property thanks to Am Pm Properties’ rental guarantee, reduced vacancy costs as well as ability to find ideal tenants at higher rates.

As an owner of residential property, you should be aware of the need to provide your tenants with the best services possible. There is no doubt that DIY property management will come with a collection of challenges. Whether it is finding the ideal renter, scheduling regular property assessments, responding to repair requests or processing invoices on a monthly basis, most landlords will eventually find this process cumbersome and time consuming.

All the solutions to your property management problems lie with Am Pm Properties. Our dedicated team works around the clock to ensure that the solutions you get are the most ideal with respect to your management needs. Just contact us and our real estate professionals will be at your service. We will ensure that your property is occupied by the best tenants and every aspect of the tenant-landlord relationship shall be taken care of by our team. Your profit is our delight and we always strive to ensure that your business entity remains profitable.

Experience the Advantages of Proactive Management

There is no sane property owner that will choose to stick around with a stubborn tenant who doesn’t make timely payments, damages property or even causes some unrest among neighbors. During the tenant placement process, Am Pm Properties will go over each of the applications submitted and weed out any problem before it manifests. Our screening process is perfect and on top of this, we guarantee each tenant that we place for the first 6 months – something that will leave you restful.

Hassle-free Contracts

A property owner and the manager of this property should share a true, pleasant relationship and not turn out to be an unpleasant obligation. We take pride in each of your customers and value them as our partners. The success of our business model relies on the diligent management work we strive to provide our clients with in a bid to generate solid results. To make sure this happens, Am Pm Properties offers hassle-free contracts that attract no form of penalties or fees in case of dissolution.

We Believe in Our Staff

At Am Pm Properties, we don’t deal with independent agents. Rather, our staff is made of talented and knowledgeable real estate professionals with a combined experience of over 10 years in the local industry. We instill in each of our hand-picked staff members the belief that our clients are our most priced assets and as such, they receive the top most priority in every aspect. We work to ensure that the vision, mission and the message in our brand is clear regardless of the interaction we have with our clients.

Our In-House Team is Responsible for Property Maintenance

Unlike many property managers who outsource the maintenance procedures to third party experts, we at Am Pm Properties employ a team of diverse professionals to take care of all property maintenance needs. Be it servicing pools, cleaning screws or repairing broken stuff, our team is capable of keeping your property in the best shape in a bid to ensure that tenants are fully satisfied.

Enhanced Hands-on Advertising Strategies

Well, you might be thinking that seating there and waiting for the ideal tenant to come by in search of a rental house is the best way of getting the right tenants. You are wrong! We don’t stick “Ask/Call for Rentals” signs on your property and wait for a call. Instead, we have talented team that pulls the strings in terms of marketing these homes. There are over 30 publications and local sites that are dominated with our advertising campaigns. We also market our items via our exclusive listings platform as well as social media accounts. In this way, your property will be in a better position to reach a wider population.