Eviction Only

⭐ Owners run into situations where they have wrongly rented their properties to bad tenants who are either not paying rent/utilities, damaging the unit, not following city/condo bylaws, or breaching the Lease Agreement in any way. This leads to a lot of financial as well as mental stress for the owners. We can handle this situation for you.

⭐ Our Eviction only service is catered towards the troubled owners who need professional help to evict the problem tenants.

⭐ We take care of preparing all the paperwork, giving notices, filing the case at RTDRS, serving the Hearing Notice and evidence package to tenants, filing Affidavits, attend the hearing on the owner’s behalf and then finally serve the Court Order filed at King’s Bench to the tenant. At this stage, the tenants in 99% of cases either pay their dues (only if the case is for non payment) or vacate the premises.

⭐ In case the tenant still neither pays the dues nor vacates the premises (1% of cases), a Bailiff (Law Enforcement Officer in the Court of Law) needs to be hired to physically evict the tenant. You will have to pay extra for the Bailiff Service (approximately $500) and the lock change cost in that case. 

⭐Eviction Only Service Fee: We charge a $750 fee for the eviction process.

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