Tenant's Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are interested in viewing any of the listed property we manage, you can schedule a viewing by any of the following methods:

• Live chat on Facebook or our website
• Calling 587-832-5000 ext. 2
• Email: [email protected]

You can apply for rental by filling out an application while physically viewing the property or requesting a digital rental application. The request for application can be mailed to [email protected] . Be specific about which property you are applying for.

Yes, over 30% of our tenants are refugees or new immigrants. We believe in helping new Canadians to find the home of their choice.

Yes! You need to sign an agreement before you can be allowed to rent any of our rental properties. Generally, our leases run for standard “Fixed term One Year”.We’ll hand you the keys to your home once you do five important things. That is, you have applied for the property and been accepted, paid the deposit, first month’s rent, signed the lease and transferred the utilities under your name (if needed).

At AM/PM Properties, the security deposit we charge is equivalent to the rent of one month. You must pay it in full before you can be allowed to move in.

Your rent will become due on the first day of the month unless otherwise, mentioned on your lease. We give 5 days of grace period. You’ll be charged a late fee of $50 if your rent isn’t received in our office by 5:00 pm on the sixth day of the month.

At AM/PM Properties, we provide multiple rent payment solutions.

• Pre- Authorized Debit (most preferred)
• Cheque
• Bank Draft
• E-transfer
• Cash/Debit
• Credit card (3% convenience fee will be applied)

If you think you won’t be able to pay rent on time, please get in touch with us immediately. Our office will then recommend the appropriate course of action. There will be a Late Fee. If you fail to communicate, we will give Eviction notice and file a court case against you at the RTDRS (The Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service).

You can expect a rent increase when the existing lease term has come to an end. Then, various factors will be considered to determine how much the rent increase will be. Such factors include the owner’s requests as well as market conditions.

Yes, we love long term tenants and would renew the lease provided owner agrees to continue the tenancy and you agree to the applicable increased rent or any amendments in the terms and conditions.

You may choose any of these methods to request a repair or maintenance-
• Tenant Portal
• Send an email to [email protected]
• Call 587-832-500 (Extension 3)

However, if the request is made on a day other than the business day, we’ll try to assign work orders to
our contractors as quickly as possible.

You need to first turn off your water. Then, please get in touch with us and request to speak with the AM PM Properties- Maintenance team. If the plumbing problem occurs during after hours, then please call our main office line and leave a message with the answering service. Please make sure that you describe the problem fully. 1-2 photos is always helpful.

Please turn off the breaker of problem area and contact AM PM Properties Maintenance team.

If the smoke detector won’t stop beeping, the problem may be the batteries. They may need replacing. You can get these at most of the stores. In case smoke detectors still keeps beeping after changing the battery then contact AM PM Properties Maintenance team. Please take note that disconnecting your smoke detector is illegal.

Lockouts, unfortunately, aren’t categorized as emergency situations. If this happens during after hours, you’ll need to contact a locksmith. This will be at your own expense. If during office hours, then you need to contact our office. We may be able provide you a copy of the key at our office (if we have one). You will need to bring our key back to us ASAP after you retrieve your own key.

In case of any emergency, please reach us at (587) 832-5000 extension 6. Good examples of emergency situations include:

• A profusely leaking roof
• Lack of heat
• Serious Sewer Back-up
• Gushing water/pipe bursts
• Gas smells
An emergency is one that affects the safety or health of a tenant.

AM PM Properties will be responsible for all maintenance tasks at the property.
However, there are some instances where that cost might shift over to you. A good example is when the damage is as a result of your negligence or carelessness. Another instance is when you miss an appointment with one of our maintenance contractors. Also, within the tenancy, Pest Infestation and any drain/toilet/sink clogs are tenant’s responsibility.

Your property manager or one of our maintenance staff may need to access your home for several reasons. Some of the common reasons include to carry our property inspections, to carry our property maintenance or repairs, or to show the property to prospective tenants. Nonetheless, we always try to notify you before entering unless it is an emergency, and you are not present in the premises.

Yes. At AM PM Properties, we require all tenants who live in Condominiums to buy Tenant’s insurance.
Tenant is required to obtain his/her own Tenant’s Insurance Policy to cover any personal property
loss/alternative lodging and food costs due to damages caused by accidents-sudden pipe bursts, floods,
fire etc. or any damages due to tenant’s negligence/overuse.
We also recommend tenants at independent homes to purchase the insurance.

It’s the responsibility of the tenant to take care of the lawn unless otherwise stated. The responsibilities include watering, weeding, and mowing it. The City of Calgary bylaws state that Grass must be less than 6 inches (15 cm) tall. As a Resident you are responsible for caring for and maintaining your lawn and those lawns adjacent to your property and mid-alley. The lawn care include watering, weeding, and mowing it. The City of Calgary bylaws state that Grass must be less than 6 inches (15 cm) tall. As a Resident you are responsible for caring for and maintaining your lawn and those lawns adjacent to your property and mid-alley.

It’s the responsibility of the tenant to take care of the lawn unless otherwise stated. The City of Calgary bylaws states that Resident are responsible for the complete removal of snow and ice from all sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours of a snowfall. Snow or ice from private property cannot be placed on the road or boulevard.

No, smoking inside our rentals is strictly prohibited. It’s a serious violation of the lease

Yes, you can. However, you must first notify our office of your intention. The potential roommate will then need to fill out a rental application form and pass our screening process. Once his application is approved, we can add his name on the Lease. As per our lease we allow guests only up to a period of 14 days.

As per our lease you cannot sublease the property. We may make exceptions as per case basis. For more details, please contact your property manager.

Owner of the properties decides whether they want pets in their property or not. If you are thinking to get a pet, please get in touch with your property manager. As per our Lease no pets are allowed in the property unless approved in writing from our office.

Again, different properties usually have different rules and requirements. If you want to get a satellite dish, please first seek the direction of your property manager

No, you cannot. Replacement, rekeying, or installation of additional security devices is a serious violation of the lease agreement. Get in touch with your property manager for more details. 

If you need to repaint the walls, please put the request in writing first as you require the consent of the owner. In the request, make sure to mention the rooms as well as the paint color you wish to paint. You will need to restore the property back to its original colour at the end of your lease.

Yes, you can but you will need to restore the wall back to its original state and colour at the end of your lease at your own cost.