Leasing/Renting process

➡️ Advertising and Marketing: – Our goal is always focussed towards finding the best tenants for your properties. We have a comprehensive marketing strategy that lists our rentals for successful results. Our marketing team tirelessly works to ensure that your rental property reaches the largest number of people possible. We advertise the properties across many medias including our website, Rental Advertising Portals, Social- Media, and local websites. Our aim is to capture potential tenants from  Calgary/surrounding areas, outside Calgary and Canada as a whole.

➡️ Showings: – Prospective tenants contact us via email, text, call or through our website for more information regarding the rental property and then schedule a viewing. Our team works hard to ensure that the rental enquiries are responded to promptly and viewing appointments are scheduled in a timely fashion to expedite the process. We also offer virtual showings via video calls to attract potential tenants who may be looking for rental properties from out of town. After the showings, the interested parties apply for the property.

➡️ Processing & Screening of Applications: For a home to remain tenanted and in good shape, it requires the best tenants to occupy it. It is for the same reason our team follows a very rigorous step by step process of verification to verify every application submitted by potential tenants. We ensure that all required information is acquired, and we make sure we verify all the information we have about the applicants. Employment details, current rental address, Landlord contact information, Pet information and Credit Status etc. are some of the required information on our rental application. Our custom in-house screening combines our experience and personalised verification system to keep the bad tenants out and attract long-term, high-quality tenants. If everything is as we expect, we proceed and contact the tenant to offer the property.

➡️ Signing a Lease: The chosen applicant is invited to sign the Lease for the property, physically at our office or anywhere it is mutually convenient for both parties. We also have an electronic signature option for people who may opt to sign virtually. Our Lease, Amendments and Lease Renewal documents have been drafted keeping in mind all aspects of tenancy in pursuance to Alberta Residential Tenancy Act. We collect a Holding Fee equivalent to one month’s rent (that goes towards the first month’s rent) at the time of Lease Signing. 

➡️ Move-In and Key Handover: Once the Lease is signed successfully and the holding fee is collected, we set up a time with the tenants to conduct a thorough Move-In inspection and key handover. The tenant is required to provide a Damage Deposit equivalent to one month’s rent on or before Move-In.

➡️ Handling Move-In deficiencies: Our Maintenance team takes care of any deficiencies that come up during the Move-In inspection.

The Leasing Process is deemed successfully completed at this point.


Effective marketing is a key to attract high quality applicants. We prepare a custom market analysis for each property we manage to determine the optimal rent to maximise your return on your investment.

Financial Reporting

We provide all our clients with monthly detailed statement of account with all repair invoices and bills. The owner can also choose to login and check their account status, income, expenses etc. online via the owner’s portal.

Tenant Screening

We have processed thousands of rental applications and have a 99.5% rent collection rate. Our custom in house screening combines our experience and personalized verification system to keep the bad tenants out and attract long term, high-quality tenants.

Property Assessment

One of our major roles as property managers is to keep the rental premises maintained and tenants on right track. It is essential to identify any problem within a unit and take care of it before it gets out of hand. We keep our eyes and communication with tenants open for any changes in the quality or state of the house so that the issue can be resolved in time

Lease Execution & Renewals

Our Lease Agreement and other documents have been carefully drafted keeping in mind all aspects of tenancy in pursuance of The Alberta Residential Tenancy Act. We take pride in our tight and legally admissible contracts


Our Repair/Maintenance Team is always available to protect your property from damages and keep tenants happy & satisfied. We have low, normal, and urgent protocols to ensure cost control and timeliness. All our vendors are pre screened as per our high standards. We also have a 24-Hour Emergency line for any emergencies that may occur during after hours.

Rent Collection

We believe that we should get paid only if you get paid. We work to ensure you get paid every month. We have rent collection policies in place to keep the process organized. Our tenants can choose to pay rent/utilities via e-transfers, Pre-Authorized Debit or by cheque or cash physically in the office.


Evictions are what every property owner has to deal with in the event of stubborn tenants. An eviction may become necessary in the event that a tenant declines to pay rent/utilities or breaches the contract in some way. We handle the stress of the whole eviction process for you in an event we need to evict the tenants from your property.

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