⭐ We have an extensive network of vendors in all trades such as painters, electricians, plumbers, heat/furnace/HVAC technicians, handymen, appliance technicians etc. Because of the volume of work we require; we can receive high quality service at fair prices. This saves our owners time, money, and headache. Our vendor network is made up of vendors of all sizes, providing all different types of maintenance and repair services. We work with both big companies as well as small ‘mom and-pop’ companies.

⭐To join our vendor network, we require the following from each prospective vendor:

➡️ Quality of Work: We only work with vendors that provide high quality work and craftmanship in their field.

➡️ Fair Market Pricing: We only work with vendors that provide competitive, fair and transparent pricing.

➡️ Timeliness: To provide our tenants with prompt service, we ask all vendors to make communication within 24 business hours for non-emergency and immediately for emergency repairs.

➡️ Licensing & Insurance: We require all vendors to submit proof of insurance (workers’ compensation-WCB and liability), as well as any industry specific licensing requirements.

⭐If you are a vendor that loves what you do and loves serving people-we would love to meet you. To apply to join our vendor network, please fill out the information and we will contact you.