Why Tenants Prefer Renting From a Calgary Property Manager vs. Someone Who Self-Manages

When you’re advertising your property, showing it to prospects, and screening applications, you’re looking for a great tenant. The best tenants in your local market are looking for a home that’s managed by a professional management company.

There are lot of reasons-

Professional Property Managers are More Available

Having someone who is available, accessible, and responsive is important to good tenants. They want to know that their needs will be met in a timely manner. When there’s an emergency issue, they want to be sure that a procedure is in place to address the problem and make it better. Tenants know that Calgary property managers are often available 24 hours a day and even over weekends and holidays. This gives them a lot of peace of mind. They know property managers are on call.

Following Legal and Ethical Standards

Property management companies are also preferred by tenants because they know how to act in accordance with federal, provincial, and local landlord/tenant laws. We take those laws seriously, and we make sure the property is compliant. Tenants want to be treated fairly and consistently, and they want to know what’s expected of them. Property managers provide that security.

Individual landlords tend to show up at the property whenever they want. Property managers won’t do that. We’re also regulated and required to act in accordance with strict professional standards. Everything has to be well-documented and done in accordance with Alberta Tenancy Act. We respect the rights and the privacy of our tenants. Self-managing landlords often don’t even know what the law entails, and that makes tenants uneasy.

Quick Response Times are Important

Tenants tend not to stay in properties for very long when maintenance issues do not get the response times they deserve. Professional property managers can make sure that repairs are responded to right away, even if they are not emergencies. At most management companies, there’s a live person answering the phone, and tenant portals are provided for tenants to easily make routine repair requests. This is convenient and beneficial to good tenants who prefer communicating electronically.

Tenants also understand that property managers have more maintenance resources than individual landlords. Property managers work with networks of licensed, insured vendors and contractors. They have relationships in place that lead to work being done quickly.

Property Managers are Prepared for Anything and Everything

Property Managers are prepared for “Anything and Everything”. Modern tenants respect systems and processes. They want to know that there’s a strong lease in place with all of the information they need to have a successful tenancy. With independent landlords who are managing on their own, things aren’t always structured or consistent. That’s unnerving to a tenant. Property managers will follow the same systematic procedures when it’s time to collect rent, conduct an inspection, or renew the lease. Tenants will know what to expect, and this makes them easier to work with.

Attract the best tenants by working with a professional property manager. If you have any questions about professional Calgary property management, please don’t hesitate to contact us at AM/PM Properties, Phone: (587)832-5000, or email: [email protected]

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