What Makes Am Pm Properties Your Best Choice in Property Management?

The desire behind your need for a property manager is to work with a management company that leaves you confident that your property is in safe hands. At Am Pm Properties, your goals are our own and our work is geared towards ensuring that all of your expectations are perfectly met and with the highest standards. Our incomparable property management experience will for sure change everything you know about property management.

So, why Am Pm Properties?

  • Comprehensive Property Analysis

At Am Pm Properties, our work starts with preparation of details regarding the pricing of your rental property. Here, our team of professionals will provide you with suitable recommendations on rental pricing based on the company’s rent mapping system. You will get the best rates with our company since we take into account a variety of aspects in determining the current price for your property, for instance, market comparable properties, the prevailing market conditions, property amenities and its condition.

  • Our Focus is on Rentals

We pride in property management as our top priority and as such, we do it in the perfect way possible. With our team of seasoned professionals who boast a wealth of experience having been in your shoes before, you will be sure of leaving your property with the best team. We have been managing our own rental properties for more than 10 years now and with such vast hands-on experience in the residential investment properties business, there is no challenge that we can’t handle. It is why our customers keep coming back to us.

  • Guaranteed tenants

We guarantee our tenants for a period of 6 months. In case any tenant decides to leave the premises for personal reasons or is evicted within the first 6 months, we assure you that your property will again be rented without any leasing fee.

  • Rental guarantee

We have been in business for over 10 years now and our quality of work keeps bringing customers to our properties. We guarantee you that your property will be occupied within the first month of coming into agreement with our property management team. In case of otherwise, Am Pm Properties will waive the monthly property management fee it charges for one month.

  • Comprehensive screening of renters

At Am Pm Properties, we carry out a comprehensive screening of tenants to ensure that your property only gets the best renters.

  • Simple and easy-to-understand contracts

Our contracts are very simple and straightforward and they include a cancellation policy that is free of any charges. Am Pm Properties demands that all of its workers satisfactorily serve all tenants according to their desired needs. In case of any dissatisfaction, you are free to contact the management. If contacting the management isn’t of much help to you, Am Pm Properties will allow you to terminate your contract with us without attracting any fees or penalties.

  • Affordable rates

Am Pm Properties provides all of our cli ents with detailed upfront pricing information in order to make things easier for them as far as estimating expenses is concerned. With our continued vendor relationships, discounts will start coming your way, making our rates even more affordable.

  • Around-the-clock maintenance and support

We have a dedicated team who is always on call 24/7 so as to take care of all property management needs. Our reliable network of experienced professionals who take care of every issue that comes up. Our team is also very easily accessible via phone call and email. If you have any concerns or questions about your property, feel free to contact us at any time.

  • Regular property assessments

We take personal tours to your property for regular assessment of your property. In this way, we stay ahead of the schedule and easily identify any red flag before it takes a wrong turn. Property owners will be issued with a copy of the recommendations for property maintenance.

  • Brief financial reports

We have a team of professional accountants that will keep you informed of your financial health with respect to investment. This brief financial report can be viewed online at any convenient time of your own. Our financial statements are very easy to read and understand, with clear indications of your property’s income and expenses. For tax purposes, we also provide owners with annual summary and monthly financial statements.

  • Easy to be paid

Our work at Am Pm Properties is to collect the rent for your property, pay the bills, prepare the financial statements and deposit the profits into your bank account at the end of each month. We ensure that this process doesn’t delay in any way, thus, with our services you don’t need to wait for your cheque via mail anymore.

  • No more unnecessary expenses

Am Pm Properties’ mission is to ensure that your investment property is operating as smooth as possible. To guarantee this, we will ensure you never miss a payment or pay a fee for late payment of bills and other expenses as all of these is taken care of by our team.

  • 24/7 online account access

We have an online platform where all property owners can log in and review their financial statements, inspection reports and leases with just one simple click. This ensures that you can access details of your property from any place and at any time.

  • Am Pm Properties is a proven partner

Our long existence in the property management business says it all. Our clients keep coming back to us because our aim is always to help them succeed. If your property sits vacant, you don’t make money and so don’t either. Our team at Am Pm Properties always works around the clock to ensure that all of our clients get mutually beneficial property management services.