Why Regular Assessment of Property is so Important?

One of the key factors that influence the growth of the property market in Canada is the influx of inter-provincial migration into the city. Such migration has traditionally depended on how well the oil industry in Calgary has performed. However, it is also true that many other non-oil industry segments have also grown significantly in recent times and have impacted inter-provincial migration into Calgary. The 2020 property market growth forecast for the city is the best it received in the last 5 years. It’s time to hire a property manager in Calgary like AM/PM Properties, who are reliable and experienced to get you the best deal.

Assessment at the time of signing the lease deed

Every time a new lease is signed, it needs to be ensured that there are no issues with the property, physically or in other ways. Therefore, top quality rental property management in Calgary, by companies like AM/PM Properties, ensure that:

  • All stakeholders such as the house owner and the tenant are on the same page
  • This is essential for avoiding any kind of complication during the lease tenure or beyond
  • It also prevents any financial consequences for either stakeholder
    Any known issues and existing damages in the property are taken care of with a move-in assessment and a note to that effect is attached to the tenant’s file.

Assessment during the tenure of the lease

When you hire a property manager in Calgary like AM/PM Properties, rest assured that they will take care of your house in the most professional manner. This property management company is committed to:

  • Stay aware of the condition of the house and that requires assessing it periodically including during the tenancy period.
  • Resolving all issues arising in your property, irrespective of whether these are existing issues or have been caused by the tenant.
  • Of course, normal wear and tear is not accounted to the tenant and is covered in routine maintenance work. The final assessment for a specific lease period is made when a tenant vacates the property. This assessment covers all the details pertaining to the condition of the property at that point and the improvements needed to make it rent-ready again.

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